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Win8: How to Backup Folders The Right Way

In previous versions of Windows there was “Previous Versions” tab in the UI which allowed you to configure when backups were taken. In Windows 8 this is gone and has been replaced with “File History;” which works more like a mini restore point just for a collection of files instead of the whole system. To [...]

There really is new stuff in Windows 8

When you first install, you’re going to hate it. Couple weeks and later and its kind of nice. After a month you’ll hate having to use W7. The UX team did an insane amount of research and found that when launching programs; our eyes only focus on the bottom left corner of the screen. or [...]

Win8/Hyper-V 2012: Running Linux Under Hyper-V

After some fumbling around I managed to figure out how to get a happy Linux Virtual Machine on my Win8 Hyper-V instance. The first step was discovering the Linux Integration Components (v3.3). You will need at least version 3.3 in order for this to work on Win8 RTM. The second step was breaking down and [...]

Win8/Hyper-V 2012 Enable Num Lock on All Virtual Machines

Does it annoy anyone else notice that as you Virtual Machine Remote Connection (VMRC); your numlock keeps toggling on your machine? In Win8/2012 it is really easy to bulk correct that: # Only machines turned off can be updated $offMachines = Get-Vm | Where-Object -Property State -EQ “Off” # Enable the num lock flag $offMachines [...]

Win8/2012: How to Get Hyper-V Virtual Machines To Ping Each Other

I’d like to share my 3 day battle to get 2 virtual machines to ping one another in my Windows 8 RTM Hyper-V server. The information in this post would also apply to 2012 Server. First I created an External virtual switch through the management console and connected it to my physical network adapter. Fairly straight forward. [...]

FreeDos 1.1 Doesnt Work on Windows 2012 RTM

After a some playing around I got FreeDOS to install and boot inside of a Windows 2012 Hyper-V VM! Unfortunately; it appears that booting with JEMMEX or EMM386 does not work due to “System Memory found at e000-efff, region might be in use.” If you don’t mind running in XMGR XMS memory driver then the OS is [...]

Yes, I Really Do Want to Delete The Windows Folder

Does this sound familiar? You just bought a new hard drive, so the old one becomes your “drive d” data disk and you fresh install onto “drive c” After finishing you notice that there is ~35gb on your old disk left under the the windows folder. Fair enough, now I want to remove it, so [...]

Win8: How to Install .Net 3.5

In theory launching appwiz.cpl and clicking Add Windows Feature is the correct way to install .NET/3.5.. At this point Windows Update is to be queried and the content downloaded. This didnt work for me in build 8501. Hopefully this is better experience by final RTM build if not here is the work around. Open an elevated command [...]