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How to Get Entry Level IT Positions

The easiest way to get an entry level position to be active in the professional community. Also consider: – Join open source projects – Create a web presence for your church, club, or friend – Find the professional groups that have chapters in your city; a few big ones that are everywhere include: – .NET/Linux/Computer (NUG/LUG/CUG) – Cloud [...]

BSA375: Paper: How to Engineer Software

One of the graduation requirements at Phoenix for their BSIT program is understanding how software is created from start to finish. This paper was authored across 4 weeks and made up 80% of my final grade for the course. http://wasntnate.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Individual-Renovating-a-Human-Resource-System-Final.pdf

Attaching Sql Database Reports “Cannot upgrade because it is read-only has read-only files”

Last night I migrated all of my database files from SQL 2012 to a second virtual machine with SQL 2014 CTP only to get stuck on an error message: Error Message “Database ‘FooBar’ cannot be upgraded because it is read-only, has read-only files or the user does not have permissions to modify some of the [...]

To Fault or Not To Fault, A Question for the Tolerant

Fault tolerance is the recovery after an error condition has occurred. Faults come from all places such as I/O packets as they travel to arbitrary physical devices that might be local or across the globe. To combat these classes of issues, data checksums and parity systems are used to detect and attempt to locally fix [...]

It’s amazing anything ever works on a computer

I’m always amazed that any of this stuff actually works. Think about even the simple action of writing “hello world” to a remove file server. First the string is being stored in memory which is praying that the charge doesn’t go bad in any of those bits physical bits; because come on why spend the [...]

POS355: Plowing a field with Oxen vs Chickens (Latency vs Throughput)

Do you agree or disagree that throughput and capacity are determining factors for effectiveness of a system more so than processor speed? Why or why not? Seymore Cray is attributed for rephrasing the question of “latency versus throughput” as an analogy which goes something to the effect of: “If you were plowing a field, would [...]

POS355: What is a Triple Faults

The Setup While reading through the Windows Internals book, I reached the chapter 3 which talks about System Service Dispatching. In the sixth edition this is around page 132. To play with this I created a dummy application void main(){ int x=1/0; } to raise the divide by zero fault. When ran the program would [...]

POS355: What is Kernel Mode and User Mode?

Back in the glorious days of DOS programs were allowed to directly access memory and a stray pointer in A.exe could corrupt B.exe. This causes some problems especially if multiple users are trying to use the machine at the same time. To enable multiple users, enable security, and improve reliability the CPU architects came up [...]

POS355: More Cores!

Background I recently took 2 difference courses one at University of Washington and the other at University of California, where we covered OpenMP and OpenCL respectively. OpenMP is a collection of compiler extensions which make the compiler do all the hard work to build code that runs across multiple cores on a system. OpenCL is a [...]

POS/355: How Should Security be Maintained for an Environment

How would you as an aspiring programmer take advantage of an environment where security must be maintained? Security must always be maintained, if not to keep the bad guys out then to maintain a stable and reliable environment. As an aspiring programmer with big dreams of blue skies, I would start with the simple tried [...]

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