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BSA310: What Role Does Accounting Play in the Modern Enterprise

What role do accounting systems play in the modern enterprise? How has the development of complex IT systems affected accounting work?

Befor reading the chapter, I assumed that accounting was only about keeping track of accounts billable and receivables. After reading this week’s lessons view the role of an accounting system to also include quantifying effectiveness, audit for anomalies, and provide monitoring of trend data.

During the IT Management course we learned that a system that cannot be monitored and results quantified is neither well-designed nor manageable system. In order to mitigate this challenge account systems need to be utilized.

Recently at work I have been spending a tremendous amount of time improving the internal accounting of my IaaS. From aggregating the log statistics into Excel Pivot Charts it is becoming visually clear which areas of our environment are unhealthy. Along with finding general areas of concern we have also starting using accounting technics to quantify the business justification of fixing these issues.

Having such patterns and practices will lead to our organization to making better data driven decisions which will result in higher customer satisfaction on fewer resources.


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