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CIS/319: How Can IT System Advance Business and Later Become a Requirement

How can an IT system initially help a company advance, but later become a requirement for that business to stay competitive?

There are many ways in which an IT system can help to advance a company. This is not surprising as that it the purpose of technology. As a technology fills some business need, it allows the company to be more efficient and do more with less.

In the business world, when efficiencies can be done to improve the model and strategy they are always taken; if not by us then by our peers and competitors. Therefore by definition, IT systems which advance a company will be required to continue fulfilling that position, until they are superseded.

History is full of many examples of this happening. For example the pornography industry during the 80s was on the decline. This was due to customers not wanting to visit that theater. Instead they wanted an option to view the content and enjoy these products in the privacy of their home. To solve this business need they looked toward technology, and it answered in a form of called Video Home System (VHS). After the adoption of VHS and its marketing success as a media format, all pornographic companies had to stay with it to continue being successful.

Later, this technology was superseded by other systems and technologies which boasted higher quality, easier access, and better user interaction. At that point the cycle begins once again with the more advanced technology become required to stay competitive.

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